Massage for Men

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Classical relaxation techniques combined with delicious and languorous touches of the masseuses’s body will make you feel the indescribable thrill of the erotic pleasure in your whole body.

You will feel rivers of energy flowing fluidly through your body and how the erotic energy is refined in an amazing way.

You will find out that your sexual energy is increased and that it is very easy and natural to be controlled. Feel the Euforia of a perfect Sensual Massage for Men

Erotic magnetism will increase and you will be able to attract new and amazing pleasant events in your life. If you're single you'll be able to attract much easier in your life that lover you have expected for so much time.

Euforia- Sensual Massage for Men- will teach you how to know your body and eroticism better, how to listen to your heart’s desires and how you may put them into practice more easily. Through constant practice of this massage you will benefit from a much more fulfilling life and you will enjoy profound regenerative effects.

Sensual Massage for Men Price: 100€/ 1h 120€/ 1h 30min 150€/ 2h

Massage for Women

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Euforia- Delicate pleasure for her- is a sensual massage meant for all women who want to be spoilt, caressed and, why not, erotically awakened.

In an intimate and enjoyable atmosphere, your body and soul will enjoy soft and delicate touches, and the exquisite pleasure that follows. You will experience a state of inner freedom, comfort and peace.

You may even tell us what you love and how, so that you can open yourself to be perfectly relaxed and live a state of deep pleasure.

Sensual massage for women increases the erotic desire, the erotic sensations and removes inner blockages.The sensual massage accompanied by vaginal massage which is made only if you want it, is very effective in eliminating the erotic tensions, it cures frigidity and it increases even more the erotic pleasure.

We will be happy to provide you this massage and we hope that you will have the magic experience of your inner world where you may discover how unique and special you are.

Vulva massage may harmonize and heal the sexual inhibitions and traumas and it has a very positive impact in your relationship.

Sensual Massage for Women Price: 100€/ 1h 30min 110€/ 2h (recommended).

Massage for Couples

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Euforia ''Delight in two'' is a sensual massage meant for couples that want more harmony, regeneration and passion in their relationship.

Overcome your taboos, deepen your connection and share together the new experiences of a delicious body to body massage.

In an intimate, discreet atmosphere, with suave music and wonderful fragrances, our girls will take you in an intense journey of unique emotions and sensations. Sweet and languorous touches will awaken the sensuality of your whole being.

A visit to Euforia Massage will be a pleasant surprise and a gift for your partner. We assure you of our discretion, our delicacy and respect so that your experience remains an extraordinarily pleasant one.

Besides the joy, relaxation and pleasure that this massage brings for the couple, you will notice an improvement in your intimate life generated by the relearning of the abandonment in pleasure and by the erotic control.

Sensual Massage for Couples Price: 180€/ 1h 30min (*for the first time), then 200€ 250€/ 2h.